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“Chasing Dreams,” draws attention to and celebrates our connection with our environment and with each other, despite our differences, inspiring audiences to consider their own experiences in these themes. The Album represents the many universal lessons I have transformed into songs, while pursuing the exciting and challenging path of an independent artist .


Chasing Dreams

Stream the title track "Chasing Dreams," below! . This song was written as a reminder for listeners that life is too short not to go after the things you love and to work towards your passions that truly light you up inside. The lyrics were pieced together on early morning drives to various jobs, as I dreamed of working for myself and being an independent artist!



‘Leviathan’ is a song about the battle for hope, dedicated to the people who have suffered catastrophic loss, in the wake of the wildfires which continue to sweep North America. This is a heartfelt message to the communities of Lytton, Monte Lake and Ashcroft who fought as best they could, while awaiting help from the brave and selfless fire response teams. After personally visiting friends who had been affected, witnessing mountains reduced to ash, and hearing stories of the community's strength in the face of disaster, I was compelled to write this piece. I hired  Ashcroft based artist Julia Hedges, to create a piece of art for the single, as I wanted a personal connection of the song to the people of the affected areas and to shed light on an artist from that region.


Chasing Dreams Album Release Concert

Join me on June 20th at the Evergreen Cultural Centre Theatre, for an unforgettable evening of music from my debut album Chasing Dreams. Experience a night of acoustic based songs and visuals, written with messages about our connection to one another, our ties to nature and some of the lessons I have taken away in pursuit of my unconventional path as an artist.

Its all Indie Magazine - 'Chasing Dreams' gives you a massive insight into their new album, which in-turn could be one of the best folk/roots albums of the year.
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