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I am an alternative folk singer-songwriter from Vancouver, with a love for the outdoors and an affinity for storytelling. As a child, I grew up listening to a pretty wide variety of music, where country, folk, soul, blues, carribean and indian music was always coming out of some speaker. In my late 20’s I’ve decided to pursue music professionally for a few reasons. Being educated in sports science, I noticed how I was able to help heal and make people stronger through exercise, but through music there is something unseen and very special I have witnessed in the medium of songwriting. Music has an amazing ability to impact the listener and provide escape, inspiration, feelings of nostalgia and above all, healing. My music is generally born from some sort of emotional experience or from something someone around me has gone through. Most times the story comes first and then an acoustic or vocal melody follows, but there is no set way of doing this for me. I hope to one day make a positive impact on the globe through my music and to advocate for people who have a hard time expressing themselves.

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